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Volunteer With Us

Why should I volunteer?

Travelling overseas, seeing a different part of the world and experiencing another culture is always memorable. However the moments of personal connection or relevance – when you truly feel that you have been able to create positive change, however small, are the times that make the experience unique and meaningful.

What will I be doing?

Many of our placements are based in education (both formal and informal ) or child care and welfare. We try to match volunteer’s skills and experience with the needs of the community. A placement may be based in a school or working out of school hours on creative or sports based projects. We also accept volunteers who come to work on specific projects which may involve design, construction and engineering. 

Volunteers will be based in Kokrobite, a fishing village about 35 km to the west of Accra airport. Projects sites will typically be within Kokrobite and surrounding communities, and where needed, transportation will be arranged for volunteers.

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How long should I stay?


We are a small, grass-roots NGO and therefore can be flexible regarding duration of stay. Typically volunteers stay with us from three weeks to three months. This enables them to fully experience the Ghanaian culture and make a worthwhile contribution to our work here.

Where will I stay?


Volunteers can choose to stay either in local hostel-type accommodation or take a room in Jane and Martial’s house.

How much will it cost?


Volunteers are expected to organize and pay for their own flights, necessary vaccinations and malaria tablets. Cost of accommodation, including food, will vary depending on the chosen location and length of time.


Most NGOs include a compulsory donation to their work in the initial cost to the volunteers. At Kokrobite Chiltern Centre we do not ask for any compulsory donations or charge a fee for volunteering but many volunteers choose to make a donation. We are happy to assist volunteers with fund raising before arrival and can offer support by providing information, pictures and data, attending Skype meetings and presentations.


Where can I find more information?


Please have a read of our brochure by clicking this link: Volunteering with KCC.


What is my next step?


If you are interested in volunteering and wish to discuss a possible placement, please email us or call us on the numbers provided in the footer below.


Kokrobite Chiltern Centre (UK Charity No. 1185282) supports the Kokrobite Chiltern Centre (Ghana), a separate legal entity constituted as a registered Non-Profit Organisation (No. D.S.W. /2727). All volunteering opportunities are arranged and organised directly with KCC Ghana with the support of the UK charity.

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