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Olivia's Story

I volunteered, alongside two friends, for a few weeks at Kokrobite Chiltern Centre — an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.


Within our first two visits to the Learning Centre it became very obvious that Jane and Martial have created an environment in which the children look forward to being in, and that the learning centre greatly improves not only the day to day quality of life of these children, but gives them opportunity to fulfill their potential despite the circumstances from which they come. I loved being able to participate in this.

The children come to the centre after school on weekdays for homework and further learning, and during the day on Saturdays to play. The children were so full of spirit and motivation to learn, it was only natural to respond with a passion for helping them. It was interesting to observe the difference in teaching and learning style practiced in Ghana in comparison to Canada — very eye opening.


Having talked to many other volunteers who travelled to Ghana with big charities, it became clear that our experience was far more personal in that we were personally valued as volunteers who were helping fellow members of the community, whereas the big charities can often be seen as an income source for the community, and their volunteers as the source of money.


Unlike most organizations, Kokrobite Chiltern Centre requires less formal commitments, which allowed us to travel to Ghana for a shorter period of time and at a much lower cost.


I highly recommend volunteering at the Kokrobite Chiltern Centre for anyone who wishes to experience the Ghanaian culture in a safe environment, meet some amazing children, and contribute to the incredible objectives of Jane and Martial; two individuals who have taken it upon themselves to help an entire community.


Thank you Jane, Martial and Kokrobite for having us!


Olivia, 2016

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