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Liesa's Story

My name is Liesa, I am from Germany and I decided in 2015 to do volunteering in Ghana for five months.  I did volunteering at three different places and arrived at Kokrobite in December.

It was very uncomplicated to communicate with Jane, who was giving me a lot of helpful tips, so that I could organize my travel to Kokrobite, where I stayed for two weeks to help with the preparations for the big Christmas Party.

For the children from Kokrobite, the Christmas party is the highlight of the whole year and everybody is really excited. In order to make this day special for them, we wrapped over 1100 presents, helped to prepare food and decorated the centre. In the afternoons, the Learning Centre is open for the schoolchildren, which gives the chance to work with the local children and get to know them.

Added to that we handed out over 800 invitations, made beautiful decorations and painted the big “Merry Christmas” sign together with them.

With some patience and dexterity, we managed to wrap every single present and to transform the entire place into a big party area.

Jane, Martial and the two Ghanaian teachers Elizabeth and Engineer did everything to make it most comfortable for me. I had a lot of beautiful moments, could get an insight into the daily life of the people in Kokrobite, gained a lot of experiences and got to know many friendly people.


In my free time I could relax on the beach, which is not far from the KCC and even take some surfing, drumming and dancing lessons. But the best thing and one of my highlights in Ghana was the Christmas party itself.  We had a local drumming and dancing group, a DJ for playing dancing music for the children, we gave out a meal for everybody and finally all the kids got their presents.

It was an unforgettable day and I could feel and see how thankful and excited everybody was.

I am very thankful for the chance to help the KCC Team with the amazing work they do! If I had any problem or question, everybody helped to find a solution for it and so I had a very uncomplicated and wonderful time in Kokrobite.

The only thing which is left to say: I recommend everybody who has the chance should go to Ghana to do volunteering.

Liesa, 2015

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