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Jeremy's Story

The Kokrobite Chiltern Centre is a great place to volunteer. I spent 12 days at the children’s centre with another football coach Mark Sherwood.


I raised money to buy new footballs that were produced in Ghana at a local charity. The kids were great, they worked hard and greeted you if you met them in the street.  They were happy to mark pitches, fetch and carry, put up nets, and hand wash the kit!


No motivation was required for matches - they are extremely tough, they ran and tackled with gusto! Jane and Marshal Zohoungbogbo have a deep understanding of West African society, culture, beliefs and are well established and respected in the local community. They are initiating new and ground breaking building techniques for community use and have the contacts and local support to see them achieved. They will make sure you are safe. Jane and Martial will make you feel welcome and important. The locals will often treat you like celebrities!

Kokrobite has a beautiful beach with bars frequented by locals, back packers and other volunteers. The village is very lively and vibrant. Most of the people have few material possessions, buying water and food are their priorities. My only regret is not staying longer.

Jeremy, 2016

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