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Kokrobite is a fishing community to the west of Accra.  There is a lack of education here with the greater part of the community depending on fishing for their livelihood.  This is not reliable and does not guarantee an income.  Many of the children in Kokrobite do not attend school due to the cost of uniforms, shoes, books and daily food. 


An additional problem is that many of the parents do not appreciate the value of an education having had no formal education themselves.  Parents are reluctant to send their children to school if there is an opportunity for them to help generate income for the family instead.  When this is not the case the children spend the greater part of the day hanging around the streets or on the beach.

The Kokrobite Chiltern Centre (KCC) was originally the idea of Jane and Martial Zohoungbogbo. Jane first came to Kokrobite in February 2004 and quickly realised that there was a need for a facility that could support children who were not attending school and also help educate and empower women in the community.  Martial Zohoungbogbo has been living in Kokrobite since 1996 and is well known in the local community. He has seen for himself how much the situation has deteriorated in that time.

Click HERE to listen to The Earth Prize 'Unpolluted' podcast interview with Jane and Martial when they share the inspiring story of how KCC started and introduce some of the projects they are currently running in Kokrobite.

Jane and Martial

Jane and Martial Zohoungbogbo

"At KCC we work with parents and children to enable the children to attend school and gain an education.  We also work with children aged 4 – 18 years out of school hours by providing additional classes in reading, writing, speaking English and to become competent in basic Math procedures.  We give them a place to do their homework and assistance when necessary.  In addition, we offer the opportunity to play sport – football, volleyball and cricket are the current favourites!  For the children attending school we provide them with uniform, shoes, school bags, books, stationery, at least one good meal every day as well as funds for medical care and haircuts when necessary."

Do you know?

  • The population of Ghana is estimated to be 34.02 million people

  • Average life expectancy in Ghana is 64 years

  • 25% of adult males and 35% of adult females (those aged over 15 years) are illiterate

  • About 71 per cent of children complete primary education. However, completion rates decline steeply for Junior High School and Senior High School education, with only 47 per cent completing Junior High and 35 per cent completing Senior High School

  • Malaria is responsible for about 20,000 deaths in children annually of which 25% are those aged under 5 years

  • Football is played at national level and loved by almost everyone; the senior national team is called the Black Stars. The Ghanaian footballers Michael Essien, Tony Yeboah, Baba Rahman and Jordan Ayew are well known Ghanaian players in the UK

Find out more about Kokrobite Chiltern Centre charity via the Charity Commission website HERE

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